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Spending hours on spreadsheets and manual entry?

Smart Account, A web-based accounting and inventory management software helps small/medium size businesses to reduce their accounting related workload and reduces the paper base manual process. We’ve designed that software in a most user-friendly way so that any non-technical person can easily operate the software. Our accounting and inventory management software can help you to easily create reports, view/store finances data, prepare custom reports based on your requirement and much more. One of the most attractive features of this software is, it combines the multi-user Account System and simple easy to use cloud accounting solutions which will help you to manage your business in a more smart way. You can also use this software in online and offline mode. See Pricing Plan

Smart Accounting

Smart Accounts is also a financial accounting software and with that, you can fully automate your business accounting process in a more affordable way. Accounting program manages, financial records including Stock, Inventory, Voucher entries, and Customer-Vendor, Billing details, everything is possible with Smart Account.

We also build Custom Software based on your requirements. Feel free to contact us if you need any custom software.

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Account Management Software Features

Best Account Inventory Software in Bangladesh

Inventory Management System

Inventory Sales Modules

This is not only accounting software but also inventory management software, by which you can track all Product Order, Stock Management, Sales Management with Bar-code (POS Sale), Profit & Loss and much more.

This software can handle Project-wise Accounts Management, Receivables & Payables Entry, Due Payment, Balance Transference to other accounts and powerful reporting tools to generate monthly/weekly or daily reports.

Backup & Gain Better Insight

Backup & Insight

The software can generate accurate reports based on data. These reports will help you to gain better insights of your business and ensure maximum productivity. This software also keeps and stores your all financial data in a secure place and free from unauthorized access.

User Role Management

User Permission Settings

With the help of this tool Head of Accounts/CFO or Administrator can control and manage the user profile more efficiently by defining user roles. The administrator can restrict each user access to a specific portion of the software.

Automate Business Operation

Business Process Automation

With the help of an Accounting and inventory management software, you can easily automate your business operations. This powerful tool will help you to reduce errors and eliminate time spent on data entry.

SMS & e-Mail Send

SMS & e-Mail Sending Facility

The organization can send SMS or email to Clients/ Members from their database. SMS & email can be sent by one single click. It can be sent one by one or bulk. Both are supported.

Account & Inventory Management Software Features in Details



  • Create Customer Accounts with Customer Branches
  • Define Sales Areas, Sales Types
  • Create group for Sales and Salesman
  • Preparing Sales Orders, Sales Quotations, Goods Delivery Notes
  • Prepare Customer Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Printable Sales documents, Batch Invoicing, delivery order
  • Point of sales definitions for better handling of cash sales
  • Customer Payments and Allocations
  • Dimensions oriented Sales Delivery
  • Shipping Costs and Legal Text can be added to Invoices


  • Supplier accounts opening
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Make Goods Receivable Notes and Payment Terms and Issues
  • Printable computer-generated checks to vendors.
  • Attach your scanned documents with transactions
  • Creating payable master files with vendor information, including name, address and phone number.


  • Category wise record keeping system
  • Calculation of Stock Items and adjustments
  • Create re-order levels adjust Inventory Items
  • Calculation of average material cost, overhead costs, material prices
  • Attach your scanned documents with transactions
  • Bar-code scanner entry


  • Accounts detailed inquiries of accounting information, receiving entries from other modules
  • Works with accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll modules.
  • Creating key financial documents, trial balance, and balance sheet.
  • Generate profit and loss statement.
  • Keep record financial transactions.
  • Creates a trail of information used for audit purposes.


  • Open Petty Cash Accounts
  • Keep the record of payments, deposit and withdrawals in related accounts
  • Multiple currencies adding facilities for foreign transaction
  • Report generation of bank inquiries and reports
  • Prepare bank accounts
  • Printable transactions activities

Trial Balance Module:

  • Create balance for each account in the chart of accounts.
  • It shows the balances of each account before and after any adjustments.
  • Generate all other financial statements including the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

Advanced features :

  • Multi Company and Branches
  • High Security, Logins
  • Multiple Currency and Price Levels
  • Stock Taking and Counting
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Track Serial Numbers, Batch Numbers
  • Multiple Categories and Departments

Pricing Table for Account & Inventory Management Software

Package Name Installation Cost Service & Server Cost Order Now
P1: Single Company-Corporate 30,000 TK 5000 TK/ Yearly Order Now
P3: 02 Company-Corporate 40,000 TK 5000 TK/ Yearly Order Now
P4: Multiple Company-Corporate 80,000 TK 10,000 TK/ Yearly Order Now
P5: Retail Management- POS 20,000 TK 4500 TK/ Yearly Order Now
P6: Retail Management- POS 3,000 TK 500 TK/ Monthly Order Now
Smart Dokani (Free POS App & Software) 00,00 TK 50.00 TK / Monthly Visite Now

Yearly/ Monthly Service and Server Cost:

Monthly/ Yearly Service and Server Cost include software subscription cost, online cloud server cost, dedicated support team cost, Unlimited tele & live chat support.

This Pricing Policy only for Cloud Hosing Server Providing by Smart Software Ltd.

Payment Procedure:

  • 100% Advance Payment Monthly or Yearly
  • Payment will goes to Smart Software Ltd Accounts pay Cheque.
  • bKash/ Rocket/ Nogod : 01716488661 Personal Mode
  • All Tax, Vat & Other Charge Excluded.

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