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Manage your Restaurant Chains and Franchises from a Single Place

The complete Restaurant Management Software from Smart Software Smart Account or POS is your one stop solution to all your restaurant needs. Right from table reservation to that incoming takeaway order and everything in between, our Restaurant Management helps to manage your restaurant activities with the help of a few clicks. Connect your kitchen, your lobby, your bar and your cash till with our Restaurant Management and oversee all the activities from one place. Smart Account came up with good user friendly interface that allowing the user to interact with the software or hardware in a natural and intuitive way.

Restaurant Management Software from Smart Software Limited is the best restaurant management system in Bangladesh. Restaurant Management Software is very important for simply managing restaurants. Our restaurant management system will help you to run a restaurant business. A restaurant manager has to perform a variety of tasks for the management of the restaurant, which takes a lot of time and labor. If you use our Restaurant Management Software you can easily do all the work including business calculation. Our Restaurant POS Software is a restaurant billing and inventory management software that helps you completes all the important activities of a restaurant.

Smart Software Limited provides you with affordable Restaurant Management Software and Mobile App where you can easily take orders and bills from customers.

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Features of Our Restaurant Management Software

The sales management system is the most important feature of any restaurant management system. That feature helps to generate orders of customers, generate sales, create a sales list, and payment.

Our purchase management system provides you supplier wise purchase voucher entry, raw materials purchase, supplier due & advance payment option, purchase returns, and supplier profile management.

Our kitchen management system provides guest orders, status, and requirements. This helps you to order the invoice, receive the order, and finish the order.

Using our software, you can easily set up your restaurant table management. You can create tables, collect orders, and serve orders more effectively.

Our accounts management system helps to do all your account related work easily and accurately. Here you can create journal entries, charts of accounts, voucher entries, managed bank accounts, income & expenditure, balance sheets, and users' activity reports.

This feature of our software is very important. It can generate accurate and error-free reports. It helps to create daily sales & purchase reports, cash reports, raw materials alert notifications, income & expense reports, and damage reports.

Pricing Table for Restaurant Management Software with Mobile App

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P1: Restaurant Management -Single Store 5,000 TK 1000 TK/ Month Order Now
P2: Restaurant Management -Single Store 20,000 TK 6,000 TK/ Year Order Now
P3: Restaurant Billing Software 2,500 TK 500 TK/ Month Order Now
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Monthly Service and Server Cost include software subscription cost, online cloud server cost, dedicated support team cost, Unlimited tele & live chat support.

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