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What Exactly We DO !!

Smart Software Ltd. provides a full range of customized software by maintaining global standards. So don’t be frustrated with your business automation. We program custom business processes. Our main goal is to maximize the efficiency of your business systems. We solve complicated problems in the most simple way.

Why Smart Software ?

Best Software Development Company in Bangladesh Smart Software is an international standard ICT Company in Bangladesh. We Work with National & International Clients & Partners. We Are Expert In ERP Software Implementation, Website Design & Development and Building Interactive eCommerce Stores. We Developed Responsive User-friendly Interface System and We Use Modern Tools & Technology To Deploy Them. We Satisfy Our Customers Beyond Their Expectations.

What We Offer

Our Best IT Service and Products in Bangladesh & Worldwide.

Custom Software Development Services

Smart Software Ltd offers custom software development services and has experience in building all kinds of small, medium, enterprise-level software using digital technologies. Every business either small or big enterprise requires the right tools and effective ways to maintain all its day to day operations. We can feel their pain and to solve their problems we have come up with several solutions like Hotel ERP, HRM, Accounting & Inventory management software, POS system, Smart ERP, Garments ERP, School Management and so on. Our Softwares are budget-friendly and highly secure & above all, it does not require any special skills to operate the system. Any non-technical person can easily operate the system. We have also gained the faith of customers and positioned as one of the best software development company in Bangladesh since 2014.

Software Development Company In BD
Website Design

Website Design and Development

We are one of the leading website design and development company in Bangladesh. We offer all kinds of custom web design and website development services for financial firms, law firms, travel agencies or personal websites. Our team of experts has the capacity to deliver the world-class dynamic responsive website, e-commerce stores, different kinds of web portal and other web applications with easy to use admin panel to edit images and other content. Our scripts are SEO friendly which helps your website to rank higher.

E-Commerce Website Development

The popularity of eCommerce Websites in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. You can easily turn your local shop or business into an online shop with the help of an eCommerce Website which will boost your sales and revenue easily & quickly. To satisfy your needs, we develop highly customized eCommerce stores along with user-friendly Content Management System and we are one of the best ecommerce development company in Bangladesh.

E-Commerce Development company
Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

We are reliable Mobile App Development Company. We offer professional android app development services. Our professional team of experts performs deep research and analysis to meet your requirements and expectations. We have expertise in Java, J2ME, J2EE, Ajax, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails and .NET, which help you to get the perfect solution in the technology that is highly scalable and low on maintenance.

Hotel Management Software- Hotel ERP

Hotel management procedures usually run by manual paperwork. It’s killing a lot of valuable time. But in today’s world, a single software can handle A-Z operation. From room booking to Front Office, Accounts, Inventory management or Sale management, everything is possible with one single Hotel ERP software.

Hotel ERP is a cloud-based ERP software which can handle reservation, Front office, Accounts & Finance, Inventory management, and much more complex operations. We, Smart soft always thrive to develop something which will fulfill the client’s requirements beyond their expectation. Our Hotel ERP in one of them. We have satisfied so many customers with this Hotel ERP software. Not to mention, some renowned hotels in Bangladesh are using our Hotel ERP software. Several companies in Bangladesh have developed Hotel management software but we have developed our Hotel ERP software by maintaining the world’s standard criteria and there are some extra features that gave us an edge over our competitors.

Hotel Management Software
Human Resource Management Software

Smart HRM- HR & Payroll Management Software

The human resource manager plays a vital role in the core development of a company. Recruitment process, Employee evaluation, Holiday’s & absence management are the backend of a company. Paperwork work is irritating, time-consuming and is not 100% accurate. But when the technology comes to the playground then HR gets perfect time to make better decisions.

We have developed full furnished HRM software to meet these the traditional management challenge. We also provide full customized HRM software according to different organization's needs.

Production/ Manufacturing Management Software/ Production ERP

Production-based businesses get their oxygen from profit. Profit has a relationship with product cost management. If any organization want to reduce production cost that could bring a direct impact on profit.

Production Costing Software by Smart Software Ltd is able to do some toughest tasks like hit targeting costs, confidently assess and optimize purchase prices, Customized reports, cycle counting and so on.

Production Manufacturing Management Software
customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In the cutting edge age, a wide range of organizations depends on innovation. From advertising to generation, everything is getting innovative. The connections that the organization develops with their client base will decide the organization's dimension of progress. What's more, likewise with any significant relationship, its dimension of achievement will depend intensely upon how well you know each other.

CRMs are known to improve client maintenance, by as much as 27%. Your clients are critical to your business. Implementation of the right CRM, an organization can improve its customer relationships and build customer loyalty. Smart Software developed CRM automated system that focuses on total client communication.

Customized Business ERP

No more risk with unsecured Excel sheets or Google documents for your financial or inventory needs. Smart Software gives master level programming execution to develop an ERP system based on the organization's demand. We provide the latest business management technology solution that can able to collect, store, manage, and communicate data overall functions of the enterprise solutions. ERP users can track and measure data that leads to business process improvement.

enterprise resource planning
Account Management Software

Account Management Software

Account Management Software plays a vital role for a Business organization. Find the best account management software for your business organization. Manage strategic customers and key accounts with Account Management Software, Account Management Tools and Account Management Technology from Smart Software Limited. Difficult to maintain full transaction history, sorts of financial reports, auditing reports but I am talking about the past situation. The technology works to remove problems as Smart Software brings the full solution to remove all problems. The developed system by Smart Software Ltd maintains more efficiency, full reliability, ease of use, data quality and perfect accuracy.

Library Management Software

Hard to maintain a huge number of books?

Weeding out the old system only possible by using Library Management Software. Tones of books inventory management is possible by clicking in a moment. This perfect substitute player of the librarian. Providing Right Information at the Right Place and at the Right Time.

The library Management Software of Smart Software Ltd brings full and automated change in our known library area.

Library Management Software
Point of Sales POS Software

Point of Sales (POS)

Want to create a new world of data about your business?

If your answer is YES then POS is your solution. Sometimes you may think it's a hassle and an unnecessary expense but when you look closer than you can easily compare to traditional cash registers. Perfect Analysis and Accuracy can be given by POS and it’s better than the traditional system.

POS software in bangladesh is not new. There are several companies who have developed POS system. But our POS system is different. Our POS software provides great user experience, increased payment capabilities with greater accuracy, accurate inventory management, and perfect reporting.

Cable Billing Software

The two-way relationship between customer and Operator remains in the cable business. You won't work with a limited customer, the number of the customer will increase day by day that creates hassle to maintain in a manual way. Not only customer even your payment collections, New Connection, Membership Date, Change Rates and many more can be easily controlled by our software. Smart Software ready to provide your demand based custom software.

Cable Billing Software
School Management Software

School Management Software

School management software is a software that combines with a well-integrated set of different tools that creates an impressive value to your business also create a better future for the kids. Now a days, lots of schools are using school management software for their day to day operation. Smart software Ltd works with a huge number of institutes including schools, colleges, and universities in Bangladesh that are gaining benefits from our school management software.

Garments Accessories Manufacturer ERP

Smart Software provides Garments Accessories Manufacturer ERP. This Software useful for Garments Accessories Manufacturer Companies. Sophisticated and robust software that helps to get easy access to real-time business to Gain Effective Control of Your Apparel Manufacturing Process. Keep your daily update with Customize profile based dashboard it's Fast & hassle-free. Yarn purses, Dyeing Order, Dyeing Yarn Receive, Order Receive, Production Entry, Accessories Delivery all process include in this Software.

Garments Accessories Manufacturer Software
Garments erp

Garments ERP

Garment Manufacturing Company fulfills the basic needs of mankind. This sector is considered as the oldest industry. ERP system considered as a set of highly integrative real-time business application that deals with software modules sharing a common database, supporting the core business functions of production even administration, logistics, manufacturing, sales, distribution, finance, and accounting.

ERP system developed by Smart Software for Garments industries bring the revolution by ERP system. Monitoring all of the sections and departments are easy and hassle free.

Pharmacy Management Software

Technology is blooming in the pharmacy sector, not like the health sector. Though pharmacy is behind than health but technology works to develop this. This sector is being benefited in several ways like alert system on inventory, Taxation, customer satisfaction, fetching prompt & correct reports, medication synchronization, and therapy management of medication.

Pharmacies need to overcome some barriers to achieve in health care environment. Pharmacy Management Software by Smart Software Ltd Helps to improve clinical, operational, financial and regulatory compliance results.

Pharmacy Management Software
Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Management

Typically the POS system may not meet the unique needs of your restaurant that you wanted immediately. Smart Software Ltd brings the solution to your unique problem. In Bangladesh, We can give your perfect solution at a low cost because we provide 100% customized solutions.