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A Unique School Management Software

Smart Academic System, A complete school management software that ensures a Stress-Free school administration management. This is a web-based ERP software. The System comes with several unique features that always gives us an edge over our competitors. Academic Management is one of the unique features by which academy can handle student’s admission management, Courses & Batch management along with Time-table, Create Academic Event calendar, Manage exams & results, Online admission & attendance and so on. Apart from these features, you can also integrate other ERP modules with that system. Like you can add HRM module to handle HR operations, Accounting Module or you can also add Library module to automate your library management system.

Like other industries, educational organizations are also embracing technology to ensure smooth and hassle-free management system. This is the time to regulate your academy in a most easier and effective way.

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Free Education Institute Website Development/ Free School Website Development

Apart from this, we also provide free website along with School management software package. Any kind of Educational Institute like School, College, Madrasa, Polytechnic Institute & Kindergarten School can use this website as their online presence. You can find Demo Website here: . Demo Website Link:

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School Management Software Details

Academic Management

Academic Management

With the help of this module, the academy can store all personal information of every student along with their contact information, can easily maintain admission process, provide academic event calendar, online attendance management and so on.

Account & Fees Management

Student & General Account

This school management software is not just an academic system but also a complete accounting solution. With this, students can pay their fees in different modes and check their payments and due. Accounts staff can also generate different kinds of accounting summaries/reports based on their requirements.

Attendance Tracking

Real Time Attendance, SMS Sending

School management system comes with a complete online attendance tracking system. Say goodbye to old manual procedures. The system will ensure every student’s attendance and it can also notify parents or faculty by SMS or email.

Faculty / Staff Management

Payroll Management

Faculty and Staff management is a great module of school management software. With this, the organization can store all the information of employees, manage their leaves and attendance, payroll management and so on.

Library Management

Library Management

Apart from all these, School management system also has Library management system. This module categorizes all the books in the library based on Author, Subject or Volum number. Organizations can store and track tones of books by just a couple of clicks.

Exam Management

Easy Result Publishing System

This module store all important data related to exams. Store each student result, Mark sheet, best performer, awards and so on. No to mention, all these pieces of information are stored in a secure place and is free from unauthorized access.

Pricing Table for School Management Software

Package Name Server & Installation Cost Monthly Subscription Order Now
Student Quantity 100-250 5,000 TK 10 TK/Student* Order Now
Student Quantity 251-400 5,000 TK 8 TK/Student Order Now
Student Quantity 401-600 5,000 TK 7 TK/Student Order Now
Student Quantity 601-800 5,000 TK 6 TK/Student Order Now
Student Quantity 801-1000 5,000 TK 5 TK/Student Order Now
Student Quantity 1001-2000 5,000 TK 5 TK/Student Order Now
School Website Development 5,000 TK 5,000 TK/Y Order Now

Monthly Service and Subscription Cost:

Monthly Service Cost include software subscription cost, dedicated support team cost, Unlimited tele & live chat support.

Payment Procedure:

  • 100% Advance Payment Monthly or Yearly
  • Payment will goes to Smart Software Ltd. Accounts pay Cheque.
  • bKash/ Rocket/ Nogod : 01716488661 Personal Mode
  • All Tax, Vat & Other Charge Excluded.

School Management System Features

Admission & Fees Management:

  • Student Registration
  • Accurately manages all academic
  • Non-Academic Data of Students
  • Merit list & Admissions
  • Fine Management
  • Daily collection Register
  • Cash and Cheque Payment Mode
  • Various outstanding fees reports
  • Monthly collection Register
  • Admission Cancellation & refund
  • Report Generation in an Efficient Manner

Attendance Management:

  • Attendance Management
  • Paperless and Less Time Consuming
  • Easily Manageable student and Employee Attendance
  • Easily integrated Bio-metric attendance Machine
  • Printable auto Absent Report Daily/Monthly/Yearly Basis
  • Create Pre Define Monthly Student Attendance Register
  • Updated of Student Attendance
  • Manage Student and Employee Attendance

Account Management :

  • Notification of Fees & Payroll entries
  • Data Security and Data Storage in High Level
  • Total Expenses and Income can be managed in an efficient way
  • Detail view of Daily Transactions
  • Manageable Assets, liabilities, And Expense etc.
  • Printable General Vouchers
  • Generating Fee Receipts, Bank Slip, Salary Slip
  • Generate Cheque Reports
  • Generate Cheque Outgoing Register
  • Generate Personal Ledger Report

Human Resource Management :

  • Manage Employee Payroll
  • Generate Salary Reports.
  • Print Pay slips Of School Staff
  • Manage Employee Details
  • Check School Staff Attendance and Absent Report
  • Generate Pay Register Report
  • Advance Salary Payment Detail and deduction

Library Management:

  • User registration
  • Acquisition & Cataloging
  • Lost/Missing documents analysis
  • Overdue and Recall notices
  • Reports on Sock Verification
  • Public Access Catalog On-Line based
  • Generate MIS Reports

Examination Management :

  • Class wise Examination scheduling
  • Generate Grading / passing criteria, Grace Rules
  • Entries of Test, mid-term & Final Mark
  • Processing & finalization of Result
  • Result analysis
  • Generate Mark sheet /Grade card
  • Facility of Certificate printing
  • SMS notification to parents
  • Generate performance record

Time -Table Management :

  • Design Timetable for Class
  • Schedule Staff and Courses Timetable
  • Allow Break between Periods
  • Customized Holiday Timetable
  • Time Table Automatically Updates On Web Portals
  • Create a Time Table for an Exam

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